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Best Shapewear for Bodycon

All About the Best Shapewear for Bodycon

Hello, Cutie whoever is reading this blog! We both will definitely have a great time for a while now! We are gonna discuss a lot more details about bodycon, the best shapewear for bodycon dress, and the benefits too.

Have you ever tried a bodycon on yourself? I am in my 20s now, and like many other women out there I am also fond of wearing bodycon which makes us look like “ A BEAUTIFUL UNICORN”.  Bodycon is a never-ending fashion trend. But the biggest hurdle a girl can have is the annoying fat that exists around her lower body.

So based on the contemporary issue we have all over the world is the COVID pandemic. We all quarantined ourselves at home for more than five months. Personally, I have weighed a few more pounds than my actual weight.

Gradually, the situation out there is settling down and moving back to our lives like night parties, get-togethers, and all. I think it is time to look back at our closet’s party wear and our favorite collection of bodycon dresses. But with these extra pounds? 

NOOOOOOO…..! Altogether, I will always handle this situation with just one option. “The best shapewear for a bodycon dress”. Yes, you heard it right! The best shapewear for bodycon gives you instant relief and results.

It’s all about choosing the right one according to your body shape. Let me help you with that. Every woman has different body shapes but all together is generally considered as

  • The Hourglass
  • The Straight Figure
  • The Apple Figure
  • Pear Figure

The Hourglass : 

Having an hourglass figure means you are curvy enough to fit into any kind of dress but the only issue here is though you are curvy, you may also have a bigger size that you have to smoothen your curves using the best shapewear for bodycon dress.

The Straight Figure: 

The straight Figure is majorly seen in thin and slim bodies. They might vary in dimensions as they don’t seem curvy and a wide range of dresses doesn’t suit their personality but slim waist body shapers help to maintain their sizes well.

The Apple Figure:

As an apple seems to be, their body shape has wider shoulders than the size of their hips. Call it an inverted triangle. The same body shaper for a straight figure may work with it.

Pear Figure:

A pear-shaped body looks like they have wider hips which is the reverse of an apple figure body. In order to tuck down your hips fat, there will be hips compressor shapewear available in the market that firms your hips and thighs.

Examine your shape to determine the ideal figure in order to choose the right and the best shapewear for bodycon dress and for other wear too. Still on a second thoughts to avoid the shapewear? Cool….. Here are the benefits to be considered to avoid the misconceptions you have about wearing shapewear. 

  • Shapewear helps you to smoothen your curves by not showing any bulgy areas.
  • The best shapewear for your body also helps you by giving you a massaging effect to reduce the cellulite by stimulating the body circulation in the body to minimize the appearance of your cellulite.

If You are interested in shapewear for FUPA then you can check out our best 5 shapewear collection. Click Here.

Top 5 Best Shapewear for Fupa

Many celebrities and fashion icons who wear shapewear and are never afraid of admitting it like Kim Kardashian, Sarah Paulson, Oprah, Sarah Hyland, and many more dudes wear the best shapewear made of spandex which is a comfortable and long-life material. They also give tips on wearing perfect shapewear for our outfits as well. The best shapewear for bodycon dress is also to be made for pregnant women. Let me also give you some information about the top and best shapewear for bodycon dresses available online:

1) Bodycon Tank Dress Sleeveless Basic Midi Club Dresses

best shapewear for bodycon dress
the best shapewear for  bodycon dress

This body shaper is from the Lagan brand which is the leading one manufacturing the best shapewear for bodycon dress. This shapewear has the features of sleeveless and up to knee length which has a great fit at the hip area that gives a flawless look to your figure. The material is also lightweight but should be meant for handwashing itself. As this is made up of 90% polyester and 10% spandex. This is the best shapewear that is suitable for all the party, weddings, and evening occasions too.


2) Shapewear for Women Tummy Control Small to Plus-Size

best shapewear for bodycon dress
best shapewear for bodycon dress

Shapermint is a competitive brand compared to anybody’s shapewear. So this shapewear is available in all sizes for every body figure. This is the best shapewear for bodycon dress which has a special feature of a non-slip silicone strip to avoid the rolling down of the shapewear at times. This shapewear instantly gives you a butt-lifting effect and also this is a non-transparent material that nicely sticks to your skin tone. There won’t be any kind of popping off the material in the shapewear.


3) Tummy Control Body Shaper Shorts – High Waist Thigh Slimmer Panties Shapewear

best shapewear for bodycon dress
best shapewear for bodycon dress

This is new-generation shapewear and the best shapewear for bodycon dress which gives you instant relief to your bulging areas at the hip to thighs. The shapewear looks like a panty model with silicone strips at the top of the waist area. This feels a lot more comfortable for your lower area to bend, move and stretch as well. There will be great compression at the hip and tummy regions. 


4) Belly Control Belt Shaping Waist Cincher

best shapewear for bodycon dress
best shapewear for bodycon dress

So as this is a belly control body shaper, this actually targets the tummy area itself. Some may have tummy fat but not in other areas. So those people can go to this belly control shapewear. This shapewear is breathable and is made up of 85% nylon and 15% Elastane. This is the best shapewear for bodycon dress and any other outfits also.


5) Shapewear Women’s Underwire Body Slimmer with Hidden Bra

best shapewear for bodycon dress
best shapewear for bodycon dress

This is brand-new shapewear that comes with a hidden bra that is lightly padded. This shapewear comes as a one-piece from shoulders to thighs that also has a special feature to be used as a strap or strapless. This is a sleek and simple shaper that will go with any outfit. 



So the above mentioned are a few well-going shapewear for all the figures and any kind of outfits. This is your body, you have all the rights to resculpt your body as per your wish. There isn’t any immediate remedy to lose your bulgy areas other than using the best shapewear for bodycon dress. Adding a little comfort, confidence, and a little spiciness to your figure always makes you look fabulous as you are. Keep smiling and Happy Shaping!


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