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Best HoneyLove Shapewear – Most Loved Shapewear in (2024)


HoneyLove Shapewear – Most Loved Shapewear


Hey Beautiful! Have you ever tried any HoneyLove shapewear on you? For the first time, you can feel unease at times which makes us feel sealed or uncomfortable with ourselves. Many misunderstandings happen in a society where using shapewear frames you as some kind of showoff person sort of.

You know what I mean right! But always remember that It is our choice to dress as we want. Wearing shapewear not only moulds your bulgy areas but also boosts up your confidence with a stiff and well-mannered posture. So never excuse yourself to try new things that embrace yourself from the inside.

Apart from this, I want to share my own experience using one of the best and trending HoneyLove shapewear which gave me incredible approval from my side at the initial use itself.

HoneyLove Shapewear is designed by EDM artist Betsie Larkin, who is constantly fouled up with the shapewear she uses to wear on her stage shows. At that moment, she decided to embark on the shapewear industry for women.

There were two hassles that Betsie Larken figured out with the other shapewear constantly readjusting and the shapewear that is flattening out the curves which people want to show. So, then she started making her way in this shapewear industry with the most innovative sculptural which concentrates on the following factors:

Types Of Honeylove-Shapewear:

  1. Stays Up Waistband: This feature doesn’t roll up downwards which avoids the readjustments.
  2. No-Gap between bra area: So the fat at the sides of the bra will not show up in between the shapewear.
  3. Posture Support: Gives you a confident and generous posture.
  4. Back Smoothing Panels: Slims out the bulgy areas at back.
  5. Tummy Smoothening Panels: Shapes you in a curvy tone with no tummy fat look.
  6. Lifts the Buns: Lifts up the areas with a slim finish.
  7. Upper Leg Toning: Smooth out the thigh area.


According to Betsie Larken, The HoneyLove shapewear has a supportive construction that comes with a protective fabric similar to corsets, which doesn’t bunch up in between the legs and waist.

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Unlike any other Spanx shapewear, this is made with a combination of compression fabric and a thin elastic panel that accentuates your curve between the bottom and upper legs. Coming to my review on HoneyLove Shapewear for women, I will tell you the tale from purchasing the product to the end of putting it back in the closet. 

The time when I was a bit frustrated with the other shapewear which become saggy after use of 2 to 3 times, I spend a whole week finding the right and perfect shapewear according to my body shape.

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As I mentioned, right and perfect shapewear with the significance of breathable fabric and long-lasting shapewear. Later on, I came to know about the HoneyLove Shapewear. It’s a pretty good deal to purchase a branded shapewear for $85 and I am quite excited to try it on after I received the package. 

When I open the HoneyLove shapewear box then I can feel the fabric thickness and difference from other shapewear. The edges and the seam were well designed which may prevent rolling down to the tummy.

The construction of the shapewear is soft, strong, and tougher. Next, the comfort of the fabric is as important as the design and sewing of the shapewear. This shapewear is very comfortable as this is very effective.

Even though we wear it for longer hours, there is no rolling, slipping, or discomfort. The only issue is there exists a plastic filling around the waistline which may be a little irritating but I am okay with it.

Now, here comes the shaping part. The HoneyLove Shapewear for women definitely does a better job than the other Spanx shapewear I have tried.

The HoneyLove Shapewear lifts the shape into a good posture, slimming the thighs part, and spotting the waistline as expected. Especially the rear part of yours will have the good shape to expose yourself to the outfit you choose.

The last but not least point to be considered while choosing shapewear is, that the color of this HoneyLove Shapewear is a skin color that is almost invisible to the sight of anybody else. There were different dull colors available according to our choice and skin tone. 

HoneyLove Shapewear

The prices are quite affordable and start at a decent price. In my view, If required I will put an overprice on shapewear because this is also a part of our costume. But buying a stronger one is important though.

The HoneyLove Shapewear comes along with a mesh washing bag which helps you wash your shapewear and lasts for longer use. I will recommend this HoneyLove shapewear for anybody to give it a try. No shapewear is forever and perfect. But you will definitely love this shapewear as this delivers what they said and what you expect. 

I wore one of the shapewear under a night cocktail dress and I did see noticeable changes in my shape. The shapewear does accentuate my curves to a great extent and the only minus about all the shapewear is we need to re-dress ourselves when we take a loo break. Tough to do! Isn’t it?

But I am okay because we never get a rose without thorns! It’s manageable anyways. I personally like this HoneyLove Shapewear for women and included it in my closet as well. I am writing this review out of my experience wearing this shapewear for a whole day which is light on my body and makes me move with maximum comfort.

You will also find the sizes according to your body shape. There are many types of HoneyLove shapewear for women in plus size. Choose wiser and Look better than Ever. Happy Shaping!


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