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Best 3 Belly Bands for Pregnancy in 2024 | Myhealthxp

Belly Bands for Pregnancy

Things Every New Mom Needs to Know About Belly Bands for Pregnancy 

Before anything else, My hearty congratulations on your new little bundle of joy! Being pregnant is the most valuable thing is belly bands for pregnancy. we can have in women’s life. Sustaining in this period is not a piece of cake. We may have many struggles to face. Every belly Post-pregnancy would stretch as we carry a baby.

So I have a solution for making your postpartum pregnancy period the least difficult. This is my tiny effort to make your maternity and on-the-road pregnancy even happier. Have you ever heard about belly bands for pregnancy? If not, please read this blog so that you can even suggest it to the mum-to-be’s. You need to know certain good and bad things about belly wraps. 

what is a belly wrap or belly bands for pregnancy? 

Based on a report, Nearly 75% of women with pregnancy or after the pregnancy suffers from back pain, and 50% of women admit Pelvic pain. Some women may have both pains which disturbs their daily activities to participate. Let us know the good of wearing a maternity belt during or after the pregnancy period:

Many gynecologists and obstetricians recommend wearing the postpartum belly wrap to avoid injuries while exercising.

  • Belly wraps help in supporting the posture improvement 
  • Reduce the pain in the back and pelvic area and make sure to stabilize the pressure on both parts. 
  • The pregnancy belt relieves the muscles, joints, and lower back. 
  • Postpartum belly wrap helps in healing the C-section scar and 
  • Belly bands provide support to the separated abdominal muscles during pregnancy to return them to the normal way. 

There haven’t been many bad things recorded to consider in trying belly bands for pregnancy: 

The Only irritating issue we have while using a maternity belt is, that this is not suitable for prolonged use. And also, it may cause itching and redness at the edges of the belt. Like, you cannot always wear these belly bands all the time because there may be chances to reduce the blood flow and growing baby.

This is comfortable at times during exercising or walking for a long time period. Another issue is noted that choosing a wrong-sized belt may cause difficulties in carrying the belt-like adjusting all the time. Choosing the best belly bands for pregnancy may reduce this issue and you will feel comfortable walking and doing your regular activities.

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The belly bands will show through our clothes from the inside sometimes. The best belly bands for pregnancy might be expensive thing. But trust me this really works well with you ladies.

There were many postpartum belly bands for pregnancy that are available in the market such as maternity tops, underwear, tights, and leggings which may give you minor support when compared to belly bands for pregnancy although they might not be fashionable and they are easy to cover too. 

Some basic considerations while the belly bands were on: 

Belly Bands for Pregnancy

  • Avoiding using tight clothing during and post-pregnancy may lead to constipation and breathing problems, and nervous system problems as well. 
  • Gradually follow an exercise program with a consultation by a physician.  Do not just trust one source. Make sure this maternity belt works with the combination of a good diet and exercise. 

Types of Belly Wraps: 

Belly Bands for Pregnancy

In reality, like in old times, Our elders suggest we wrap a cloth around us tightly in order to overcome the extra belly pouch. Nowadays as most of us are working women, there were many belly bands manufactured to cover up ourselves which suits formal wear. Belly bands in the major part are made up of nylon with a combination of cotton. The postpartum belly bands were stretchy as they can be adjusted as per our usability. 

  1. Wraps: The wraps can be used immediately after childbirth which was made up of cloth. 
  2. Corsets: Corsets are a type of belly bands that was not recommended for a long time because they were tight as there might be extreme pressure on pelvic muscles. 
  3. Belts/Splints: Belts were the most widely used plus size best belly bands for pregnancy as they are adjustable based on your convenience. 

When to start? 

It is said by our ancestors to wait at least for a day before you tighten your belly pouch. Basically, if it is a normal delivery then you can wear a belly band within a few hours. If it is a C-section, wait until the stitches get healed for a month. At any time, Consult a doctor before you choose to wear. They may recommend you the best belly bands for pregnancy. 

Where to buy it? 

Belly Bands for Pregnancy

The best postpartum belly bands were available in medical stores as well as on online platforms as well. The belly bands will be handy according to the sizes S, M, L, XL, and XXL. If you are buying this for the first time then better go with the healthcare brands and examine the quality and the stretchability of the belly bands. 

You will be fine! Do not worry about your pregnancy. Proper food, healthy exercise, and lots of positivity around will make you a better human being and a great mom!


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