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7 Guide for Choosing the Best Shapewear for Plus Size


A Classic Guide To Pick The Right Shapewear For Plus Size.

Bonjour Gorgeous! Being a plus-sized woman, I believe every size is beautiful, but there is an ultimate difference between looking plus-sized and chubby cum toned. I will help you to choose the best shapewear for plus size as a beginner. So initially, I have been worried about listening to many misconceptions about wearing shapewear/bodywear. Living in society as a desi woman, It has been a challenge trying out a few new things to enhance our body as per our choice. I am sure you will know these girly things that society feels it is awkward to use. In a survey, it is proved that there is men’s bodywear which is also more widely used than women’s. 

There are certain details, in particular, you need to know about the shapewear before buying it. Those include: 

  1. What is shapewear actually? 
  2. What is it made with? 
  3. How to choose your bodywear? 
  4. Types of Shapewear 
  5. Where to buy it? 
  6. Pros and Cons 
  7. Myths vs Facts 

To determine a relation between your shape and the bodywear you chose to fit into yourself, Start from scratch by knowing, What is the best shapewear for plus size actually? – Shapewear/bodywear is a temporary fit that we wear under our existing dress other than the innerwear in order to alter our shape which means to look like a curvy figure outside. Like, the shapewear will compress your bulgy areas a lot thinner to give you the desired shape you need. The woman’s body shaped with the right fabric and the right fit helps you get the look you chose to be. 

What is it made with? 

Shapewear is made up of 90% of nylon and spandex. Spandex is a kind of synthetic fiber that is responsible for the body shaper elasticity and it is more durable than rubber. Some of the bodywear is also available in a combination of cotton, nylon, and spandex for breathability in heat conditions. 

How to choose the best shapewear for plus size for your body wear? 

Women of any size can wear bodywear. Choosing the right fit isn’t a Sweat making job to do. Just take a measuring tape and round the measurements of your hips and thighs in order to pull the right size for the plus-size tummy control. All of us have many types of body shapes like an hourglass, rectangle, apple, pear-shaped, and triangle-shaped. Select your size with S, M, L, XL, and XLL accordingly within the size range mentioned and there you go! 

Types of shapewear for plus size:

Shapewear For Plus Size

Picking shapewear for plus size might be tricky as a beginner. There were many names of shapewear for plus size as per online sources, corresponding to the brands we go to. But there were regular types that enter 

Briefs – a regular panty sort that smoothens your lower abdomen, 

Control camisoles – lifts the bust, 

Long leg – rundowns from tummy to thighs, 

Saree shapewear – suits for traditional wear like lehengas, and half saree as well and smoothens the bulging areas like the waist and hip areas for fine finishing, 

Corset – for a slimmer waist and a lifted bust area, 

Merry Widow with multiple adjustments, 

Bodysuits – cover up the whole body from top to thighs, 

Singlets – for a wedding gown. 

There is maternity shapewear for plus size as well available in the market. These are the types that were chosen based on our excess areas and the body shape we preferred. 

Note: Only one type of shapewear will not work with all kinds of dresses. Always remember to know your shape and size to get the best shapewear for plus size. 

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Where to buy it? 

shapewear for plus size

If you are buying the best shapewear for plus size for the first time, try hard to buy a branded one that is available in online stores or physical stores. If you are not able to go to any store then no worries! Search for the best shapewear for plus size. There were many offers going online with some of the well-known brands like Enamor, Zivame, Clovia, Jockey and Marks&Spencer, etc., as well. 

Shapewear Pros and Cons: 

Like humans and coins, every product obviously has two sides. Let’s talk about the pros side of shapewear for plus size.


It fits instantly and accentuates your curves by using the shapewear for plus size for tummy control. As our body seems fit with bodywear, it helps boost our confidence and self-esteem by giving us the shape we want. 

  • Balances your body posture.
  • Reduces cellulite.
  • It looks invisible within your body.


There might be a few health risks with the excess usage of shapewear for plus size that disturbs our blood circulation and may affect the functioning of the lungs and cause indigestion. It might be a bit expensive. 

You need some patience to put the shapewear on. 

This may sound awkward but you need to plan your loo break in advance according to the shapewear you choose. 

Eat a bit less when your shapewear is on. So this may not cause acid refluxes. There might be numbness to the muscles as the bodywear compresses the excess areas in your body.

Myths vs Facts: 

There are many myths/misconceptions that have been revolving around shapewear. Check out the things mentioned that you may have listened to before. 

Myths Facts
Shapewear helps to lose weight. Seriously guys! It smoothes the extra bulged areas within our bodies.
Only plus-sized women can use bodywear. Absolutely not! Some people may look thin but they have belly fat so they can also use the shapewear.
Shapewear can cause serious health issues. Extreme use of the shapewear and wearing too tighter to your size can cause some health issues. Nowadays the shapewear is made with breathable fabric.
Wash it with regular clothes. This may lead to the shape of the elasticity. Instead of machine washing, use the woman’s body shaper with a mild detergent to increase the lifespan of your shapewear.
Only works if you bought a smaller size. A big NO! All the brands available in the market are manufactured on the basis of every size with respect to our comfort of ourselves.



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